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For over a decade, American Bedding has been providing comfortable, quality sleep surfaces for camps, shelters, and many other institutions all across America, and beyond. This family-owned company has grown tremendously since its conception, with its current facility comprising over 100,000 square feet and is poised for more expansions. Building upon itsfounders' vision and character, American Bedding has grown to be one of the largest providers of bulk bedding in the industry, servicing a wide variety of clients including camps, disaster relief shelters, college dormitories, emergency shelters, healthcare facilities, job corps centers, transitional housing centers, and military bases.

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One of the key features that makes the American Bedding experience unique is our staff. Our quality representatives focus on meeting the needs of your individual company quickly and accurately. They work hard to get you the bedding and furniture you need at a price you can afford. Another key aspect of the American Bedding experience is our products. In recent years, American Bedding has developed and tested our certified Bed Bug Proof cover. With its inverted seaming, and zippered edge, the Bed Bug proof cover has been independently certified to be bed bug proof, giving you and your client's peace of mind and increasing your mattresses longevity.


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Using high quality materials, American Bedding works to give you a wide range of options, customizing your products to fit the needs of your company and your clients. The innovation of SOFlux fabric gives your clients a more comfortable sleeping experience, while still maintaining sanitation. This breathable nylon fabric comes with a waterproof, antibacterial backing that won't crack like vinyl, withstanding extreme hot and cold temperatures and reducing the buildup of body heat that often makes vinyl mattresses uncomfortable.

Another recent addition to our wide selection of stock is the Dura-Last core mattress. This extremely affordable mattress has a core made from densified synthetic copolymer coated fiber, designed to maintain its shape and comfort for many years. This affordable mattress can be customized to your exact sleeping surface, coming with both the nylon and vinyl cover options that can easily be customized to the Bed Bug Proof design.  No matter what your needs, American Bedding can provide you with the bedding and furniture you need to give your clients a comfortable place to sleep. Contact our friendly sales staff today and let us help you find the perfect product for your needs.

 *NOTE: American Bedding does not sell products for residential use.*